Ooo fancy new design on the forum

I like it. Feels different to most of the other Discourse forums I visit.

It’s funny, because I believe the theme is the default dark Discourse theme. Unless you are talking about Grey Amber.

I prefer w.meri, a L1 Forum member’s theme. But the font is awful on it. I wish I could export and edit themes.

New default theme on the forum. I really like the green LLTV accents, really on-theme. GJ Jay!

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Yes, I did make some adjustments. I just updated the colors on the default theme. I’m not really 100% dedicated to this theme, so I can go another direction or continue with this one depending on what you guys think. I don’t have any theming skills though, so I’m always open to suggestions.



I am loving the LearnLinuxTV green, so I’m a happy camper.