No network for Proxmox VM

Hello! I set up Proxmox on an old PC and was going to build my first VM. However, when I get to the network tab, nothing shows up on the drop down next to the word Bridge. I am not able to proceed with creating the VM unless I select No network device. Any suggestions on how I might get the network going? Thanks!

Please disregard. I figured out I missed a step in the process. Everything is working correctly now.

I’m just glad I could help. Out of curiosity what step did you miss? I’m considering putting proxmox on an old pc too and it might help to know. I have a bad habit of finding every way I can mess up.

Well, it turns out I didn’t miss a step after all. I thought I had it fixed but it wasn’t. After a little research on it, I figured out that the installer didn’t create the bridge network at all. I tried creating one, but did it wrong. I did some more searching and came up with the right information to put in and added the correct info to /etc/network/interfaces and now it all works. I’ve got a new problem now, unrelated to this so I’m going to do a new post about it.