Nextcloud on Ubuntu 22.04.4

I’m having a hard time getting the Next cloud installation wizard to work, all I can see is the apache landing paging. I watched the video several times and verified I followed all the steps. Any ideas how to locate problem?

Welcome to the forum!

I’ve seen others comment on the forum that the nextcloud deployment videos get outdated really fast. For one, the upgraded php will give you a real hard time and for your problem here with apache, I think it’s probably a redirect not working somewhere (in the vserver config).

I can’t say where the issue could be though, have you tried navigating from apache to a URL that’s not the apache home page? Like host:8080/nextcloud or something like that.

Thank you! I will try that, but I might have an occ permissions problems. I may need to uninstall and reinstall next cloud.

Did you adjust all the instructions for the new version of php? (8.2 I believe?)

I did update but I final found my problem. I have a networking issue, when I shut down Apache everything works as it should.