Nextcloud installation PHP question


I am using the latest Nextcloud installation guide

and when it I get the point to editing the php.ini I discovered that my installation has php 7.4 installed as opposed to php 8.1 or later

At what point did i make a mistake? How can i get the php.ini in the latest version of php? How important is the latest version of php?

Of note, this Nextcloud instance is on a Proxmox server using a Debain 11 container, x86 harware.

Without the latest php you could be missing out on some newer features or as nextcloud updates, find some features deprecated. The nextcloud website does recommend having php 8.1. Unless you are die hard Debian user, I would install it on an ubuntu 22.04 container.

But that being said, for what it’s worth, I ran nextcloud on ubuntu 20.04 with php 7.4 until just a few months ago and I didn’t have any issues.

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thanks for the response @hulxmash , I actually created another container in Proxmox with Ubuntu 22.04 and PHP 8.1 installed, so it seems to me that Debian 11 is the reason for the PHP 7.4 install. Not 100% sure though, I could have made an error during the Debian 11 install.