New Laptop: Replace Ubuntu 18.4 with POP OS?

I usually get a new computer every 10 years. I’ve been running a old Dell XPS with Fedora which I installed several years ago after my Windows 7 got hit with a 0-day malware through the font system. (Outbound firewall detected it…) So I switched from running Linux in a VM to running Linux as the host OS. (I use Windows and Linux for work, but Linux only at home now.)

So this year the budget allowed for a new computer, so I shopped for one to last the next ten years. I looked at System76, but the store is bare and they said they will be refreshing models later this year. So I went back to Dell, which was having a really good Presidents Day sale include discounts on all their Linux systems.

I really wanted a 17" screen, fast processor, and loads of DRAM since I want to run VMs and deal with large databases. (My laptops sit on my desk, 99.999% of the time.) So I ended up getting a Precision 7750 which came with Ubuntu 18.04 loaded on it. (It’s a beast, but I need it.)

My current plan is to install Pop OS :rocket: to the new laptop, move any dot files and configurations needed over. Then reload the old laptop as a lab/test machine. (It needs it, Fedora has been upgraded so many times, it’s getting creaky…)

One minor issue: It’s hard to find a 17" laptop skin. I usually get a skin for our laptops, then put stickers on that… (First World Problem… :moneybag:)

Keep us updated on your progress, getting a new computer is exciting!