New Job and Radio Adventures

Hello All,

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, but, I just accepted an offer from a major cloud provider so I’ve not had time to do much else.

I can say, for certain, the Ansible, Docker, Python and several other series from @jay were a huge help. Some was refresher, some was new content, and some was best practices for me. So a “BIG Thank You” to @jay for all he does for us.

I’ve also gotten my radio station back in working order. It’s a good pass-time for the winter months where I live as I’m not into skiing, or snowmobiles.

The next few months are going to be very busy for me as the team I’m working with does the majority of automated deployments and provisioning. Hopefully, I won’t be as distant here on Learn Linux.

EDIT: For anyone looking to get into the cloud space, the #1 requirements for the type of job I’m doing was / are:

  • Solid Linux Knowledge (non-denomination)
  • Scripting Languages (Python, Ruby, Perl, SQL, etc)
  • Automation Languages (Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet)

So, pay attention to what @jay is putting out on his channels, as it will pay dividends in the long run for sure.


Congrats on the new position !!!

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Wow, congratulations and best wishes on your new job! \o/

Congrats on the new job. Best of luck.

By radio station- do you mean amateur radio? Pretty cool- I am just getting into it. Sitting for my tech in a few weeks.
Do you integrate the world of Linux and self hosting with radio at all?

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Yes, Amateur radio. I can’t afford a Commercial AM Broadcast station, the power pill alone would put me six-feet under Ha !!

I was using both WinDoze and Linux, now I’m 100% Linux / Mac for everything. Not all apps are cross platform, but, I’m ok with it.

Good luck on your Tech Exam. Don’t stop there, as HF is lifetime of learning and adventures !!

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Thank you. I am using to study and have completed 7 of the 10 sections for the tech exam. I plan to sit for the exam before the end of the month.

Yes I do agree- HF looks to be incredibly fun, especially getting in the field. A small HF rig may be on the wish list for 2022! In the meantime, hoping to make some SOTA contacts on 2m while skiing this winter.

Thanks for the best wishes on the exam.