Multiple font sizes and switching between them

I am impressed by the way Jay switches between font sizes in the tutorials on YouTube.
How is it done?
I have managed to get my Ubuntu server up and running in a VM using VirtualBox and have configured the GRUB menu to show me a screen size and font size that are acceptable for the moment. I am getting on in years and the ability to switch to a larger font size could be very useful for me, and possibly others.
Is it only possible in the laptop he seems to use or could it be done in the TTY1 connection I get when I start the VM? Changing the font size is the most important thing but changing the screen size would be useful to not just the fixed size set in the GRUB menu but variable up to full screen.
Any help would be appreciated.
I have resorted to using PuTTY in my Windows 10 machine to connect to the Ubuntu server which gives me some relief from the problem but that is not a local connection which has other restrictions.

if you are using windows to connect to it why not use WSL, you can fully customize
WSL2 with changing fonts, colours and so on. or you could install oh my zsh on WSL 2 and customize it even more. loads of videos on youtube on how to do this.

What is the software you recommend called your post does not make sense. Also are you recommending that I use WSL instead of ubuntu?

I increase the font size in terminals by holding CTRL and Shift, then pressing β€œ+”.

You can reverse it by pressing β€œ-” while holding CTRL.

All of the Linux terminal emulators I’ve used so far support those shortcuts.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. As I suspected the terminals you are using are Linux based whereas I am using the terminal provided by the VirtualBox guest machine which does not respond to Ctrl+Shift+’+’. Now I know how you do it I will have to accept my default. My workaround with it’s limitations is still acceptable.