Mounting HDD with Windows 10 on Zorin OS

I am currently running ZorinOS 15.3 core. and new to linux because some youtuber convince to try and switch to linux.

I have external hard disk with Windows 10 OS, plugged in to a usb port however my OS cant seem to read it and I need some important files in that disk and move it to my current OS

What I have done so far:
1.) When i open disk it show 1.0TB Block Device
it shown me 4 partition all of partition type and content says ‘unkown’

2.) Using terminal I sudo parted -l
detected that it was ntfs
then lsblk
it is there as sdc with 4 partition

following the tutorial on how to Mount NTFS Partition with Read-and-Write Permissions in this link

installed fuse and ntfs-3g,
created a mount point mkdir -p ~/Seagate1TB
then typed mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdc3 ~/Seagate1TB
I also tried mounting different partion sdc1/sdc2/sdc3

waited for 5mins then it gave me nothing my terminal is just waiting for something

been doing this for 4 hours trying different solutions

to my disappointment I pull the USB cable while the terminal trying to mount then gave me an error about I/O cant read sdc3 etc. then restart my PC

then plug back the HDD again and then BOOM! it mounted by itself!
I can now read/write on the disk.