Most appropriate components (Cpu?) for virtualization?

I’m using a mini pc Brix gigabyte Barebone with Virtualization feature activated in the BIOS.
I’m quad booting, all linuxes OS to avoid Virtual machine use.
I m thinking that my I3 intel has its limitation in regards to how Snapy the Hot reload of the VSC/Flutter speed is as of today… :face_with_monocle: :thinking:
Question :

  • If I would want the snappiest results of virtualization using Flutter hot reload, are there CPUs offering better Hardware builds among AMD or ARM optimized in V.M. processings ?

My plan include getting a new (mini-?)PC (Asus PN**) offering much better results on that matter *guessing.

  • Would AMD generaly beat ARM on that Virt. side in performances ?
    *(Manjaro seems to offer an ARM (n’ AMD) ready version already)

  • Does adding some GPUs also play some role in the Virtualization process (compared to a more limited built-in mini-pc GPU ?)

  • Beside, while testing Sosumi, it seems the highest the number of core the better Catalina can run on the Qemu Machine. my I3 only has 2 cores /Ram 16GB…so witrh only 1 core dedicated :laughing:…audio sounds awfull and videos can’t run smoothly (dont know if its a Network driver problem or really my CPUs VM limits)

Since someone told me Qemu is slower than VBox -thought not available for Sosumi - I tend to think that running sosumi over a machine with more cores “could” make the use of Catalina a potential option for a Flutter Dev. (involving Flutter Hot reload), could this be correct ?
VM over VM ? :eyes: :man_shrugging:

Finally, one other performance aspect (using Zoom) I found out from the Zoom virtual setting that my CPU is not powerfull enough to allow me to use some virtual background change on the fly.
Another reason to go for an upgrade in PC. :see_no_evil:

Thanks for any returns…

Unfortunately, I haven’t done any performance comparisons as of yet. When it comes to ARM, if the host is also ARM, then I would think there would be less translation to do which could result in better performance there. The less overhead, the better the performance. I haven’t personally found VirtualBox to be faster than using Qemu directly, but then again I have yet to do any benchmarks.

This is definitely a topic I’m interested in, and perhaps when my to-do’s slow down I may have an opportunity to look further into it. Hopefully someone who has done comparisons will see this toipic and reply.

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