Microsoft Edge web apps - permissions error

I need to use web apps on Pop!_OS for work (Outlook, Teams etc) and for personal use when Linux is the poor sibling of Windows. Case in point - Amazon Music desktop player: Windows and MacOS? Yes! For Linux? NO! Booooo, hisss.

When I add a web page as an app in Microsoft Edge I get an error:

This Flatpak does not have write access to ~/.local/share/applications and ~/.local/share/icons, so it cannot install or uninstall PWAs." (progressive web apps)

Once you grant access to those two directories (Flatseal is the easiest method), you can attempt to re-create the shortcuts from (URL) chrome://apps

So I installed Flatseal, and opened it. I get a long list of applications to choose from on the left and a list of properties for each application (when selected) on the right. One of the sections of properties is ‘Filesystem’ where I added those two directories for Microsoft Edge. It did not work (and I got a warning triangle icon on each entry).

Has anyone made Microsoft Edge progressive web apps work on Ubuntu 22.04 or Pop!_OS 22.04?
I have looked for some guidance on using Flatseal and found nothing helpful - any recommendations?

@jay - Maybe installing and using web apps with Edge and/or Chrome (based on Chromium) is an idea for a video?

Progress made.

In the Flatseal options for Edge, I set the Filesystem > All User Files option = ON. Now adding a new app does not error, but the app shortcut is not added to the desktop. The shortcut in the applications is added with the name given but the icon is generic. Close, but not quite.

After a restart, the list of installed applications now shows the webapp icons, so that’s solved.