Microsoft Edge adding RSS Feeds

Obligatory Microsoft bad comment because Microsoft indeed bad.

I just read a story about Microsoft Edge adding RSS natively to the browser to match Google Chrome’s similar feature they added not too long ago.

I think integration in the browser is neat as it also allows your feed to sync across the devices you are signed in on.

That sort of leaves Firefox as the odd one out. Do you suppose that’s something they will look at adding back in?

I mention it here as Jay was just talking about RSS readers in the last Homelab show but said he isn’t thrilled with the community that his current client is fostering.

Im not ready to switch to Edge anytime soon, but I for one welcome RSS feeds back into the *mainstream.

Edit: Here is the article I read. Microsoft Edge to revive a classic feature RSS feeds on Windows

That’s interesting that they’re taking RSS seriously. I’m glad for that.

I’m surprised to learn that Firefox removed RSS support, when did that happen? I wasn’t even aware.

I guess it was all the way back in 2018 according to this.

I’m sure there are several extensions that allow for something similar but I must confess that I haven’t really used RSS in any serious capacity since probably around 2017-2018ish. I do have a Firefox account though, and I use Relay and did use Send before it was killed so the more features they add to it the better in my book.