Meet my Playstation 3 Linux Server Lab

Hey everyone, new member here…

Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you about my homelab, the heart of which is none other than my jailbroken (and downgraded) Playstation 3 video game console. I run a heavily customized Fedora (ppc) Linux on the PS3 via it’s OtherOS functionality and I actually use it as a full-time 24/7 httpd (Apache) web server. Yes, I even bought it its own domain - come see!

Some other servers I run on my PS3 include SSH (which is how I generally do work on the PS3 - headless); VNC (which lets me access the PS3’s GUI desktop over the network); and NFS (I also use the Playstation 3 as a Network Attached Storage device).

My homelab - also where I make Youtube streams:

Besides networking, I also use the Playstation 3 to learn about development/programming for the Cell Broadband Engine CPU (the PS3’s outrageous architecture). Almost all the software I use on the PS3 on a daily basis (including the kernel) has been custom-built by me :sunglasses: and my GUI desktop consists of the Openbox window manager with a tint2 bottom panel.

Have a great day!


I have seen this once before. A company that I worked for about 10 years ago has a PS3 as a production server. THAT blew my mind!!

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My dream is to build my own cluster! :slight_smile:
Like here:

This is an old post , i see but, i am insanely curious how you jailbroke your ps3 . I have had little luck.