Mechanical keyboard from Jay's Amazon wishlist

Hi all,
Greetings, as it is my first post here.

Initially I thought of asking Jay about this, but now when writing this post thought it might benefit more people.

So I came across Jay Linux related videos on YouTube and some time ago I remember that Jay used to have a Amazon wishlist as means of supporting the channel. There, I saw a mechanical keyboard which I think was also mentioned on one of his videos. Still, I could not find the exact video, as I would like to buy that keyboard since he recommended it.

@jay : Would you be so kind to reply here with model and brand if you know which keyboard I am writing about?

Many thanks
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Would this be the one you are looking for?

It’s still listed on his amazon page here.

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Hi hulxmash,

Thanks, that was it! Somehow I coulnd’t find Jay’s amazon wishlist page from his youtube page, I looked into individual videos description, as I recall to listed ways of supporting the channel.

How did you got the amazon page link btw?

I simply googled “learn linux tv amazon”. That linked to Jay’s affiliate page. He’s got a couple of categories of neat things on there. Any of which, if you purchase through there, will give Jay a little kick back.

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