Mastodon Outage

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with ? It’s not working for me. Didn’t know if it was just down or has been unplugged?

Fixed! Sorry about that.

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Down again? Just trying to be helpful. Just curious, have you released a video of your setup for the server? Thanks for maintaining it for us.

It goes down every time I attempt updating it to Debian 12. I periodically try to see if it will work, and when it fails, I restore it and try again another time. Maybe the third time will be the charm in a few months?

Not sure about the video, but maybe!

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Down again, same issue?

Still down or down again?

@jay any update for restoration?

@jay mastodon server down

@jay any update for restoration?

@jay looking for an update? is it coming back?

@jay update before I look for another server?

moved to another server

Is this site hacked? This does not seem linux related.