Manjaro or bust

I’ve been wanting to do a full switch to unix for years but have always found time to be the biggest issue as I know there is a learning curve to adopting a new OS. Also, finding alternative methods to winblows apps takes time to find and learn to use as well.

i’ve scored a second laptop to dual boot on to help the acclimation process and quickly discovered that since Arch is bleeding edge, backups are more important than usual. I’ve re-installed 3-4 times in a week because I didn’t have backups…

So, fifth attempt. I’ve installed timeshift onto a separate partition and setup a gitlab repo for dot files. However, getting the bare repo to store my dot files isn’t working as the tutorial describes and reading wikis/docs/vids doesn’t solve my problem, so i’ve asked for help in a separate post.

the next two things on my list for switching from winblows is;
A) the usual ricing of Manjaro (terminals, notepadqq, desktop, etc)
B) setting up dev environments

Dev Environments: Because I code in c# mostly and am used to rider, that seems straight forward to install. i know there are some issues with versions of .Net and using window forms.

Also, since I’m still at uni, i will be required to code in c++ so clion seems like a good choice. I’m not comfortable in vim, nano, emacs and he rest of the “traditional” editors.

After that is gaming and luckily, most of the games i play/own are from steam, so I am not worried (yet).

It took me a few tries to switch back in the day. You’ll get it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am already on Manjaro Cinnamon already. I just ditch KDE in favor of Cinnamon.
Because KDE is pretty complicated. It has too many settings and customization.
Cinnamon is more simpler than KDE. I am still waiting for more new improvements to Cinnamon Desktop.

Just because KDE has so many setting doesn’t mean to have to use the settings. I usually prefer to have options. That being said, I more recently switched to Gnome, or rather Cosmic, because the dynamic work spaces are amazing to use. The tiling feature with workspaces allows me to just back and forth between tasks almost seamlessly. It’s brilliant.