Lost My IT Job While Overseas

Due to COVID and a lot of other company factors, they did a workforce reduction in June. It did not help that I was overseas when the bad news came.

However, I am back in the US. Plan on studying for a cert before moving onto the next job. Of course I can collect unemployment. I put 100% of my 401K funds into my retirement plan from Jan thru June as I just new a termination was coming. I miscalculated though. I thought it would come in December.

Anyway, when this stuff happens, attitude is everything. I will do my utmost to hold down the fort and keep the home fires burning.

Everybody… wish you the best.


I wish you luck in your job hunt.

PM me if you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn (you will need to mention you userID here so that I know who you are).

Thanks @Mr_McBride . I don’t have a LinkedIn yet. I experience identity theft from Monster, ZipRecruiter or one of those in the past. These online social media and job boards are bad ju-ju. But potential employers don’t want to hear it. So I have to create an alias and all that good stuff when I create the LinkedIn.

Just make sure you keep your address, phone number, and email address off your online resume on LinkedIn. Make them contact you through LinkedIn.

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