List of IDs based on date/time

hello everyone
so I have this file with IDs on each line ( each line with got it one timestamp YYYYMMDDhhmmss

20160420085418:[111413432, 111633904, 111413281]
20160420085418:[111783198, 111792767, 111557948, 111413225, 111413281]
20160420085522:[111344871, 111394583]
20160420090022:[111344871, 111394583, 111352520]
--------- how can I can get the ID count on the sample above for each 10 minutes ?? I can’t figure the 10 ten minutes part
ps: IDs are the numbers between the commas

Easiest might be a Python script where you’d split the input into a dictionary with the timetamp as a key and the count of ids for that key. You’d want to pick a starting time, like on the hour, then every 10 min so you could roll them up.

unfortunately I never used Python, I was trying to get using bash, is there any tool to get it to show me total I want with respecting the time range I wanted ?