Linux using Ham Radio

I’ve tried mx linux some time ago and it was a disaster. I like debian, but still trying to figure out what distro is best for my ham radio programs. My laptop has had windows wiped out so I can install a linux distro. Anyone with hints for ham radio and linux would be most appreciated. Thanks all

I have had mixed results with Linux and ham radio. FLdigi and the associated packages run fine in Linux. But I have a number of programs that I am in love with that won’t run on Linux: Win4Yaesu suite, SDRuno, and Log4OM. I run a Yaesu FTDX-3000 as my HF rig, and this radio has terrible ergonomics. Win4Yaesu suite solves that for me. I use SDRuno (along with com0com and omnirig) as my panadapter. I love being able to point and click on the waterfall to tune my radio. I haven’t been able to find any viable alternatives to these software packages in Linux. Log4OM is a bit different. There are plenty of good loggers for Linux, but since I have omnirig running, Log4OM is the best logger IMO to run with the rest of this software, and I just love it. I haven’t tried to find alternatives for stuff like WSJT-x or netlogger, since I am kind of all-in on Windows (for ham radio that is) for the above reasons

I run plenty of Linux here too, so its not like I am Linux-phobic. I have an HP laptop with Debian 12 as my daily driver, and my homelab server is running Proxmox along with a bunch of Debian 12 VMs, apps running in docker, and LXC containers as well.

If you are going Linux, I highly recommend Debian 12. I have had a long history with Red Hat, Suse, Mepis Linux (man I was a Mepis fan-boy for YEARS), Linux Mint and others. Right now I think Debian 12 is the best in my experience. Linux Mint would be my second choice. But I would choose based on the software you want to run (for CAT control, logging, etc.) and the availability of on line “How To” guides. My assumption is that Debian and Ubuntu will have the most helpful how-to’s available

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help

73 de N1LOU