Linux remote desktop into local session?

is there a remote desktop solution for linux that can login into current local session?
Basically something like anydesk. I did try xRDP but the issue is that it open a new session. You can configure a fix port so it always uses the same session… how ever, that only works for remote connection, I cant seem to be abel to log into a current local session.

The software also need to have a client for Mac and Windows, as thos machines are mostly used to connect to the Linux workstation.


Something that is like Remote Desktop?

There are several, like x2go or Remmina that should work.

They can login into a current local session?

x2go I didnt hear about, will check it out… but Remmina I thought cant do that… but maybe I understood it wrong.

Here’s some info for x2go: doc:usage:desktop-sharing [X2Go - everywhere@home]

It’s been a long time since I’ve done it, but I thought it was added to Remmina? I don’t remember though.

Tom at Lawrence Systems has some x2go videos that might be a helpful:

I forget how it’s done, but in order to not spawn another session, you have to do certain settings. I don’t remember if xvnc server allows you to get into a local session. But if you are using GNOME Shell, you have a built-in VNC server which should allow you to take control of your screen, as long as you are not using the Wayland session.