Linode Recommended Registrar?

Hello All,

I took up the offer / suggestion from @Jay, on several video’s, regarding the use of Linode. I have various apps running on AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean, most of which are just for deployment testing, but, I do have a good number of domains. I plan on moving / consolidating these workloads on Linode. My current Registrar is through AWS Route 53, which is quite functional. However, I’m not happy with the monthly costs and the transfer fees associated with it.

So, I was wondering which Registrar folks here would recommend and / or which one they think works best with Linode services over the other box-box offerings?

Thanks !

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Account creation was fast too.

Thanks for the $100.00 promo @Jay !!



I am curious as well.

I use Hover as my registrar of choice. The main reason is their customer service and I’ve never had problems with their service. I do move the nameserver over to Linode though, that way I’m able to manage DNS entries in Linode at the same time I manage the individual instances.

AWS Route 53 is decent, but I prefer to use third-party domain registrars. Reason being, if you decide to move away from AWS, it can be a change to move the domains to another registrar at the same time. However, AWS does have some additional integration into the domains registered via Route 53, so you’d lose some of those features if you switch registrars. However, on my end, none of the added capabilities of Route 53 have been all that important to me.

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I also use Hover, I have been since they started, they don’t hassle you to upgrade items, and domain lock is free there. I believe if you have more then 10, you get bulk pricing too. I tried linode, it was easy to set up, but for what I use it for, the pricing wasn’t for me (or i set something up wrong). I use NFOServers personally, easy to set up, but everything is self managed, you don’t have the one click installs there. I host my website there too, which in my opinion is fairly cheep and has a lot of features, that service does have some one click installs though. Probably not good for a large web site with lots of users, but for tinkering it’s fine.