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apologies for communicating with you this way. not able to find an email or company address. I could use some help. please refer to the correct place.

thank you the proxmox series is very good. has enabled me to get 2 servers up. not able to find instruction by yourself or others on setting up virtual lan.

thank you

Gordon Butikofer

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you wanting to set up a virtual network so your proxmox vms can communicate without interacting on physical hardware outside your server? Are you trying to get proxmox to recognize vlan tags, so you can trunk a connection to your server? There are a lot of people on this forum who are willing to help. Just give us some details.

sir, yes to all of the above, I have 2 servers built about 13 yrs ago. dual processor, PowerS., 64 G ram on HP prolient, 125 Dell.

proxmox 7.4 bear meatal on HP. True Nass scale on dell, bare metal, proxmox 7.4 virtualized. seems to run ok, they are clustered.

a few questions.

in order to get the most out of resources does the IDRAC and ILO 4.0 need to be upto date and the BIOS on the systems?

dividing management network with my currant hardware (I know this is really depend on router?)

communication across said Vlan to the outside.

Assist in VDI setup.

I will appreciate anyones assistance.

thank you for the reply will be watching if I have not provided enough info.



A few potential answers for you -

I always recommend keeping up to date on the BIOS, but sometimes that can work against you so I’d focus on whether or not the bios updates would solve a problem. For example, sometimes iDRAC will give you HTML5 support (depending on which one you have) so that being updated might bring with it new features. But if your equipment is not under warranty support, it can be a bit sketchy.

For setting up a different management network, you’ll either need a separate physical network or your switches/routers must all support VLANs. You’ll also need more than one network port on your server(s).

Unless I misunderstood, your management network should literally never be accessible from outside your local network.

When you mention VDI support, are you referring to virtual machines used as remote work appliances or something else?

Hi Jay
thank you for responding
the issue with the bios on the dell machine is my lack of knowledge to get it installed I have down load the BIOs file from the website (dell) will not install again it is probably my lack of knowing how. that is why I was asking about it. as far as a specific issue i dont see one. is working well with TrueNas and virtualized proxmox 7.4. so not sure if it is worth worrying about. the iDRAC does have HTML5 this is how I got TrueNas installed.
in regards to the vlan management. the server has 4 1gbit nics. looking at the manual for the cable modem. have one switch which is not programable will this just pass through?

would like to setup VDI to share the desk tops in a local network. like working in a garage and using you desktop to view news or trouble shooting manuels. was trying to setup guacamole in UCS univention corporate server, but was never able to get logged in to the web terminal password invalid. So VM’s as remote work appliances.

I was hoping to hire you for an afternoon but the cost will probably be prohibitive. please let me know what you think.

thank you

Unless you have a specific security issue or some sort of bug a BIOS update would fix, I wouldn’t recommend updating something that old - especially since you’d be unable to get vendor support if the update goes south. If there is a security issue listed as a fix in the release notes for the firmware, it might be worth it. But otherwise, probably not.

For a VDI, you can probably just use my recent Remote Desktop video as a guide and just set it up on a Proxmox VM instead of a Linode instance. That should get you what you need.

Sorry for the late reply btw.