KVM with multiple monitors

On Pop!_OS 21.04 - I’ve just got into KVM and virtual-machine-manager (which I like way more than QEMU). It makes USB passthrough very simple (QEMU failed altogether to allow me to pass through my USB headset). However, one issue is how I can get a VM to use both monitors on my machine. I have read what I can find online that overall imply that multiple monitors can be done with spice display.

I have added a second display to the VM configuration, and the running Windows VM thinks it has two screens - but I can’t find a way to show the second screen in a window and full screen view only presents the one screen. It is very frustrating.

Can anyone give me some clues?

I haven’t used virt-manager in a while, but I’ll be coming back to it soon, I hope. In any case, I don’t remember there being a way to make it act like it has 2 screens. I assume in the windows vm, you set the screen to side-by-side, instead of duplicate display.

I think your window manager / desktop environment needs to support full screening a window on two monitors, but I can’t say for sure.

If you want to really get into passthrough, pass a GPU to the VM and connect it to your monitors, that’d be the easiest to do from what I know. But maybe someone has experience with multi-monitors and VMs. I hate multi-monitors, so I don’t even know why I’m commenting here.

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