KDE 6: Set Scale to 100% Only in Games; Applications Can Scale to 200%

As the subject says, how can I get the games to ignore KDE’s HiDPI settings? I do want Steam to stay at 200% but games such as The Talos Principle 2 should allow for a resolution of 3840x2160 that I can currently using. If all Steam games such as Portal and Portal 2 honor the KDE’s HiDPI settings that is set to 200%, the max resolution I can get for full-screen/borderless gaming is at 1920x1080. And of course I’m running Wayland and not X.org. In KDE’s Display Configuration, I want to choose “Scaled by the system” which is important to me, but again, games should ignore that setting.

Is this possible so that all games can ignore the HiDPI scaling?

And by the way, does anyone find the “Your topic is similar to” feature pointless? It’s only shown when I start a new thread. Really, it’s no big deal, as I can just exit out of that popup that obscures the preview.