Just a ramdom question

So, the things that pop up in my head after not sleeping for over 30 hours :sleeping:

What is the field in proxmox that lets you add tags for?


I searched for it, but it kept coming up vlan tags.

Just a curiosity


This is just speculation on my part, but I guess this is similar to tagging resources in AWS. In AWS, tags can be added so you can track resources by application, host, organization, user, etc. Or even to support financial charge back algorithms, so that you make the business (not IT) pay for what they use against their budget.

I haven’t used proxmox in a while, but I believe the tag was in “Summary.” I don’t remember if containers had the option though. Unless I misunderstand what you are looking for…

Tags was added in the latest version of proxmox. I believe it’s there for you to keep things logically organized. You can tag anything you want, for example, you could tag operating systems ubuntu, debian, windows server, Alma, etc. Then you can sort out by the tags what systems you are looking for. Or you can tag services, networks, storage pools, and whatever makes sense for your needs. It can simply and quickly separate your vms by any criteria you want.

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That makes sense. Figured I would add some randomness here. Thanks for the replies.