Jay's gaming channel

Can someone please give me the link to Jay’s secondary gaming channel where he plays retro games with his son?

@jay who better than you?

Sorry, I must’ve missed this message originally.

The channel was called Cross Generation Gaming, but that channel is now defunct. Reason being, I have plans on creating a retro-gaming channel as a secondary project alongside LearnLinuxTV, but my workload is so huge right now that I’ve not had a chance to start it yet. But the current plan is to include content like the series you were referring to, along with additional retro-gaming content.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA as of yet but as soon as I get a handle on my backlog, I’ll see about getting that started.

Thank you!


I think you’ve mentioned something about this retro-gaming channel before. Do you have any ideas about what the content over there will look like? I personally enjoy videos talking about the history of how the game came to be, development, hidden secrets, etc. This one is a really good one that I like:

I’d say the idea is basically the “LLTV” approach to retro-gaming. The majority of the content being informative, with some random fun thrown in. Almost no news or trending topics whatsoever, unless I feel it’s important to the hobby. Occasional historical opinion videos, with one of them being about the “Nintendo Play Station” story and how (in my opinion) almost everyone gets it wrong.

But at the rate I’m going, it may be still a while yet before this materializes, but I hope to do something soon. I’m considering having a lighter launch to test the water, with maybe 1-2 videos a month and see what ends up happening.

I think above all else, I want to give people a retro-gaming channel that’s a safe haven from videos similar to “You can buy this ILLEGAL AND AWESOME handheld on Amazon for $25!!!” and I think you can infer the type I’m NOT going to be. Not that good retro-gaming channels don’t already exist (there’s several) but scrolling through YouTube these days looking for retro-gaming content is getting depressing.

Really looking forward to this, and whatever comes out of this channel :+1: