Issue Mounting a hard drive

Hi all

i have just watched the video on formatting and mounting drives again ( Watched 2 years but never got it to stick so am trying again ).

I have managed to create a new partition and mount it with no problems following jays video - am doing this in a vm using ubuntu desktop version but doing all the commands via terminal.

The only issue i am having is when i mount the drive to /mnt/diskb its there and works and can be found in the gui and terminal but it wont let me write to it. Do i have to set permissions on it? and if so is this something that has to be done every time?

please see screen shot as that may explain it better (Am dyslexic sorry so i may not explain it properly.)

Thank you in advanced to who ever reads this

Yes, but it is better to make a folder underneath it and give yourself permissions on that.

Only once and the FS will remember the UID ownership.

sudo mkdir /mnt/diskb/data
sudo chown mason64 /mnt/diskb/data
touch /mnt/diskb/data/test-file
rm -i /mnt/diskb/data/test-file