Is there a way to create an outline of tasks for ansible?

Is there an easy way create an outline view of all the tasks in a playbook. Kind of like a programing IDE can fold functions for python or C code so you can examine the names of all the plays in a playbook. Then once I get the outline figured out I can add new plays in the appropriate place.

I guess I have gotten spoiled by the functionality of python editors

I’m not sure actually, but that would be a great idea! If I wasn’t so behind on editing I would try to figure it out, it would be extremely useful. Hopefully someone else has figured it out and can respond, otherwise I may try to look further when I get more time.


I’ll look as well. I’ve been studying gerringguy’s ansible repos to get a better understanding of ansible’s capabilities. At this point my biggest challenge is following the flow with all the files and potential paths.

That guy’s Ansible content is amazing! You’ll definitely do well by checking out his code.

+1 I’ve love to know as well from a playbook perspective. But I will through this out there. If you have a lot of related playbooks, or even a long complicated playbook, maybe it’s time to break those up into a role. That would allow you create smaller, less-complicated plays.

Think of this as refactoring a Python script into functions.

Just a thought.