Is MATE Desktop In a State of Decay?

While doing a search for “linux desktop accessibility sucks” in Startpage (without quotes), I came across an article about Linux accessibility being an unmaintained mess.

Linux Accessibility: An Unmaintained Mess

In the article, I saw someone wrote that MATE desktop is in a state of decay, so I checked the home page for MATE desktop.

The latest news that I saw is dated August 10, 2021 yet when I read the description from the search result, it’s still under active development.

With that said, is MATE Desktop Environment still under active development or is it still in decay as I saw in the article regarding Linux accessibility? As someone who has a visual disability, I do feel bad that the writer of the article went back to Windows so that they can continue their work without any issues, what with all the memory leaks from libpurple and Electron-based applications not supported by Orca out of the box.

IDK, whenever I check Ubuntu Mate every few years, they manage to surprise me, with a bunch of cool features. Mate has basically gotten most of Ubuntu Unity’s features. Not sure about accessibility though.

I remember talking with someone on the OMG!Ubuntu! Forums ages ago, the dude was blind and was using GNOME Shell, because it was the most accessible desktop, but was complaining that wayland broke the most important program, the screen reader that he was using. Pretty crazy. I think he was also using Orca.

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Oh, okay. So with Ubuntu MATE you get more features than with just plain vanilla MATE. Interesting.


Sure, GNOME may be more accessible, but I’m still waiting on anyone who can respond to the issue. Especially when it comes to using GNOME Magnifier with OBS.

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