Introduce yourself!

Hey there everyone!

I noticed this forum doesn’t have an introductions topic yet. Since I felt like introducing myself I thought, why not create one for everyone to introduce themselves?

So here you go! Feel free to introduce yourself here: Who are you? Where you are from? What do you do for a living or hobbies? What brought you here? Etc. etc.!

I’ll start of myself:

My name is Jasper de Laat, 27 years young and from the Netherlands :netherlands:. I am actually a software developer (specifically, video games). I’ve recently gone my own way as a game developer, using my savings to kickstart my first game project and registered my own business ‘Green Forest Games’. Other hobbies are tinkering with IT hardware and getting my hands dirty doing my own car maintenance!

While I always had interest in both Linux and IT, I always struggled with the reality of getting started. Through the magic of Youtube’s algorithm, I eventually came across Jay’s channel (well actually I’ve been following Tom Lawrence’s channel, so there’s the link) and I’ve been enjoying every video since. Jay, if you’re reading this, your elaborate and calm explanation of various topics is the perfect match for me to actually get started learning Linux and IT. Similarily, I’ve bought your book Mastering Ubuntu Server and I’m really enjoying it so far.

Anyway, the reason I came here is to get more proficient with Linux as a user & server administrator. My goal is to eventually build an amazing multi-role server for my business. I will probably elaborate on this in the Homelab category later, but think source control, CI/CD and general purpose applications like mail and webserver. Furthermore, I hope to eventually consider moving from a Windows desktop environment to a Linux environment, just for the educational experience (also because my toolchain appears to be cross-platform compatible).

That’s it from me, I wish you all a nice day!

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Welcome Jasper. Glad to make your acquaintance and have you as a member of this austere group of Linux enthusiasts.

I’m certain you have much to contribute. I look forward to your interaction with others.

I will introduce myself in a separate thread soon. This was a great idea.


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By the way, I forgot that I need to introduce myself. I am Charlie Barkin from the Philippines. I am an avid Linux User, cyclist, photographer, electronic hobbyist, computer technician and I love using Linux.

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Let me introduce myself as I forgot to do that earlier. My name is Dan Calloway, aka Datapioneer. I am a veteran Linux user who has used Linux starting with Slackware in the 1994 time frame. I consider myself fairly proficient (but not an expert as I don’t have any Linux certifications) in Linux and BSD Unix and am partial to Debian and Ubuntu. I do love Arch Linux though and try to stay current in that distro as well. I am not a fan of Gentoo Linux, however.

My educational background is that I have a BA degree in Mathematics from the University of NC at Asheville, a MSIT from Capella University with specialization in network architecture, and a PhD less dissertation from Capella University in IT Education.

I am a retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander with a degree in logistics. After serving for 20 years, I left the service and went into IT where I was an IT professional working for local government to support their computers and network for 17 years. After leaving that position and getting my MSIT, I was a college professor at two different local colleges in my area for 5 years where I taught subjects in Web concepts, programming (PHP/HTML), MS Windows, and Linux.

I’m now retired and working in Linux 100% of the time having left MS Windows for good about 4 years ago. My daily driver is FerenOS Linux, but I also use MX Linux and Arch Linux as well. I self-host my own WP Website on the RPi 3B+ running Raspbian 10 Buster and run OpenMediaVault on the RPi 4. I love dabbling in anything open source. I recently purchased Jay’s latest book, “Mastering Ubuntu Server 3rd ed.,” and have completed it. A great read and very worthy reference manual for Ubuntu 20.04 Server if you haven’t gotten your copy yet.

Glad to be here on this platform as I can get answers to questions that I have when other resources fail. Hope to see everyone around.

Dan Calloway


Welcome! You have an awesome background, lots of exciting projects mentioned. :slight_smile:

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