Installing Proxmox Fail, a blank screen

I’m new to this community. I’m watching your YouTube videos on installing Proxmox. But I’m stuck,
I have an older Server setup.
SuperMicro Server 4 Node,
Server Model: 6026TT-BTRF12X 2U LFF
Server Model: X8DTT-F
Each server has 2- Xeon L5640 8Core, 96 GIG RAM
I have 2 HHD’s loaded Bios set to IDE Mode… RAID is turned off.
Using ProxMox 7.2.1
I get to the Start up screen in ProxMox. I hit Load ProxMox VE.
it goes the next next screen and I see services loading . it goes by pretty fast. then the screen goes blank, and it just sits there. I have let this go on for hours. and it does nothing.
Finally I get frustrated and do a Hard Shutdown… I have tried several different setting in the BIOS for the drives. ACHI, RAID… and so on. with the same results.

I’m afraid this is due to Hardware incompatibility?

Any help would be great.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum!

Yeah, most likely compatibility issues. Try an older proxmox image, like 6.1 to 5.4 if you can find it, then do an upgrade.

If you have IPMI, maybe try installing through the IPMI instead of the hardware, although it sounds like the kernel does not like your server’s GPU. If you have a GPU you can temporarily plug in it, you can try that.