Installing Manjaro

So, I am trying out some different distros to get a feel for how they work ect.
When I installed Manjaro it asks for a user password and a administrator password. I set each to their own but not sure what the administrator password is for. When I type pacman -Syu to update the system, the admin password doesn’t work but my user account one does.

That “administrator password” is for the “root” account, which you’ll almost never use.

Normally you use your own account which has “sudo” privileges (accounts with sudo privileges are members of the “wheel” group). It asks for your password basiclly to confirm it’s actually you (e.g. not some rando that walked by your unlocked PC and decided to play).

That’s what I was thinking, I always sudo everything that I need, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. But the only rando that I would have to worry about are the cats (aka the Krakens) and my wife, who sees something besides windows or android and would just walk away.
Thanks for the answer tho

Well, don’t blame me when the crate of treats and catnip shows up from Amazon… =^.^=