Installing a Linux distro

Hi there. I want to install the Bodhi distro on an old laptop (yes, I’m set on this distro based on my system specs). I’ve never installed any Linux distro before, so I’m a noob. I was reading through the installation and configuration documentation, but there’s one thing I would please like some further clarification on.

I only have one flash drive at the moment, which I’m going to use to download the files I want to save off of this old laptop. Can I use the same flash drive to download and install Linux while my saved files are on it if there’s enough room, or should I use a separate flash drive for this? Thanks!

Hm, I’m pretty sure you have to put the .iso image on a flash drive by itself, since it’s a whole disk image. If you have a DVD or Blu-Ray drive you can burn to one of those, too, though.


Agreed, the flash drive will be wiped when you put a bootable iso image on it.


Thanks so much for the help! In that case I’ll get another flash drive and dedicate it to installing the Linux kernel and keep my saved data separate.

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