Installed Pop! OS on windows 10 Machine with 2nd hard drive

Reformatted drive and mounted it. It is located at media/terry/(some long number).
I cannot access it. Obviously I do not know the file structure of linux. I want to change that long number to a file name and get access. Can anyone help?

@terry welcome to the community. It is hard to say what happened here, but it sounds like you are trying to access Pop! OS from within Windows 10. This isn’t going to work.

  1. Did you just move the iso file (one large download file) onto the 2nd drive? (If so you will need to write this iso image to a USB drive in such a way that it is bootable. Boot from that drive, run through the installer for Pop OS and then you should be able to boot either into Windows on the one drive or Pop OS on the other drive.)

  2. You did what I mentioned in #1. Then when you reboot your computer did it present you with the option of booting either into Windows 10 or PopOS? (If no, can you try again, but going into your computer’s boot options which will hopefully bring up an EFI boot menu where you can boot into PopOS)

You also need to be aware of weather or not you’re machine is configured using uEFI (secure boot) or legacy a.k.a BIOS mode as this will dictate the partitioning scheme that you use in your install. I say this because if it is the case that you’re bios is set to use secure boot you will most likely only beable to use the newer GPT type partition scheme. I have a good feeling that If you bought your computer from any of the major venders i.e. Dell or even just walked into a bricks and mortar store like BestBuy your machine will most likely use both secure boot and GPT partitioning