I will be trying Manjaro for a week

I will be trying Manjaro for a week.
If it works for me, I will be keeping it but if it didn’t, I will go back to KDE Neon.

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Let us know how that goes :slight_smile:

Good Morning everyone!
Day 3 of my adventure to Arch Linux continues, I discover this beautiful distribution of Arch called Garuda Linux.
Garuda Linux is a x86_64 Arch based KDE distribution that is heavily tweak to make it look like Mac OS. But it is very beautiful.
Basically, it looks and feels like Manjaro Linux KDE. The command is still the same.
Can’t help to like this better than Manjaro.
I will be trying this out as well. Besides it is based on Arch Linux. And all of the tweaks and settings are all been set by me to fit me instead of the default.

From Manjaro to Garuda, it is just the same. They are both KDE and they both are friendly to use Arch distribution. The only difference is, Garuda is heavily tweak. But once you set it up like Manjaro KDE, it will work just fine.

Today is day 4 of my adventures in Arch Linux. I am able to install an LTS kernel on Garuda Linux.

The LTS kernel is much better than the zen one. It is very responsive.

Overall I am liking this version of Arch Linux. I will be keeping Garuda Linux on my computer.

And it is simply Manjaro in a heavy tweaked config.
Thanks to Jay, I was able to do Arch Linux. Because of his video about Pacman and the AUR. I will be watching how to install Arch Linux from scratch for that.

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It has been 1 1/2 week already since I am using Arch Linux. Garuda have been my choice of Linux Distro.
I am liking it and I am keeping the installation. It has works better on my old laptop.
Would I recommend Garuda Linux Dragonize for beginners? The answer is, maybe. But first you should understand how to install packages first. Learn to read the wiki. And also learn to use Google for help on Arch Linux based distributions.

Thanks to Learn Linux TV for the guide to pacman and Arch Linux.

Thanks for sharing. I haven’t had a chance to check that out at all yet.

Went back to Manjaro KDE again. I like its stability and very easy to understand.

You definitely have a great community in both Manjaro and Plasma, both are popular choices. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

This is an update why I am now doing Manjaro KDE instead of an Ubuntu based distro? Because Manjaro gives me the latest stable software I need to do my work. That is why I go with Manjaro KDE. It is an impulsive decision to make. And besides, I get to learn about Arch Linux as a bonus. Manjaro KDE is an Arch Linux based distribution. Like Ubuntu, Manjaro makes Arch easy to use for some new users from Ubuntu. Who wants advance semi-rolling release based distro. So, am I going to keep this install of Manjaro in my video editing laptop? Heck ya! Love this better than Ubuntu. Thanks to LearnLinuxTV for providing me with information on Arch Linux and Manjaro. I been learning everyday.

Try making a tips videos like “Things to do after installing Manjaro”. That will be fun.

Not a bad idea. I might give that a try when I get some free time.