Hrdware Nded to Seperate VMs frm Config Console?

Hi all,
Proxmox ques: Do I need to add to the Gateway/Router a smart switch to create an ethernet LAN, vmb0 +vmb1 +vmb2 . I have 2 PC boxes 1. Proxmox 2. VirtManager The Proxmox won’t be running all the services i setup in it at one time since it is for my linux edification & personal use for now.
Proxmox is on 6core amd, 48gb ram, 500Gb nvme, 250gb+ 300gb sata hdds, I would like to use the HDDs for storage & backup not to run anything off them at this time, maybe OS Repository, for distros I’m interested in learning & self hosting diy that morphs as I grow. Does this make sense? Thanks

I’m not sure what you mean, I’m struggling to understand the question.

To create new LANs, you don’t need upstream hardware. Assuming vmbr0 is bridged to eth0 and that’s the only port you have on your system, then you can just add vmbr1, vmbr2, etc. and not bridge them to any port. They will be “floating,” VMs connected to them will be kind of like connecting a bunch of PCs to a physical switch. You can create a VM in proxmox to serve as a router (can be opnsense or openwrt or any general purpose distro / OS or other router OS), which will have 2 or more vNICs, one for each additional vmbr.

But if you want to access these from your main LAN, you’ll need to do NAT port foward to the router VM and add the vmbr0 to the VM as a WAN. Might be a viable option for not spending money.

Or if you want to avoid NAT, you can get away with the same setup as above, but on your PC you use to access the VMs behind proxmox, you need to define static routes going through the router VM (or you could learn OSPF).

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Thank U, apologies 4not being clearer, reflects my understanding of Networking. Used to run w/ slackware w/ hub switch for Ether LAN & a wireless router for the WAN to kp everything separate.
Slackware comes w/ all the different servers software. Tried to setup everything to learn but if, I don’t use the processes all the time I forget. Last PC boxes lasted me fifteen yrs. Now its all new hardware. Will just follow Jay’s instructions & see where I land. Jay is one of the few You Tubers I trust enough to follow his instructions blindly until I understand.