How will AI impact Linux on servers?

Additionally, some believe AGI is in the near future, therefore, I reckon such questions merit careful consideration.

Please share your thoughts so this rookie can expand her knowledge of Linux when it comes to the future.

Thank you for reading.

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I can’t read the future, but I think AI could make admin’s life easier, although not by a long shot in the beginning, as most of the easy stuff has been done with careful automation anyway. People already use ansible playbooks and other tools to configure their servers, increase capacity, restart services, update systems en-masse etc.

I’d still look into learning the linux shell and how linux works though. As of now, I don’t think AI knows to avoid rm -rf /*.

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Thank you, appreciate your reply and the welcoming.

Ansible has already incorporated AI code generation in one of their for-sale offerings.

I did a demo of an AI augmented management assistant recently and found out that Red Hat already has the beginning of an assistant landing in their Red Hat Insights UI. You can find it in ‘preview’ mode of the tool. Insights is included with any Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, even the free ones.

Another interesting application would be something per-system. Imagine not having to spend years developing extensive knowledge of the command lexicon or knowing how to use man pages, but instead have a locally running service that uses natural language to provide guidance or suggested activities to the local administrator?