How to Sync Outlook\Hotmail Contacts and Calendars with Thunderbird?

I have literally spent 10+ hours researching online how to sync my Hotmail\Outlook contacts and calendars to Ubuntu Thunderbird. (And no, I absolutely will not switch from Hotmail\Outlook to another service. Absolutely not.)

Can Linux people not write coherent step-by-step how-to instructions ?

After spending more than an entire day trying to accomplish something that SHOULD be a 1 button push solution, I am still not sure how to do it.

I want real-time mail, contacts and calendar that is synchronous between my Linux system and my Windows systems. If I make a change on one, then I want it synced and updated on the other.

Anyone have a clue ?

I haven’t personally done this on my end. Hopefully someone will know the answer and post it here.

I’m not sure why you referenced “Linux people” though. Thunderbird is cross-platform and not specific to Linux. You might have better luck on the Mozilla forums for this issue in particular.

I apologize about the “Linux people” reference. I was looking for solutions on askubuntu and other Linux forums. It was extremely frustrating. A entire long day wasted and I put my frustrations into the keyboard.

If you wish, you may delete this thread as I don’t think it offers much here. That is why I marked it for moderation and put in the note as why I thought it should be deleted was something like “not a useful thread.”

To be fair, if someone did actually respond to your post and provide a solution, it may be helpful to anyone else searching for the same thing. No need to apologize, I wasn’t annoyed, just clarifying.