How to setup Sonicwall global VPN in Pop OS?

How to setup Sonicwall global VPN in Pop OS? I need this for my work. This is only reason stopping me from using pop os full time. There is no linux client available. I have the gateway ip, username/password and preshared key. I tried various things but won’t connect on linux.

Sonicwall has a netextender application on their website. You would have to download and extract the contents of the tgz file. And it looks like there is a simple install script. Look at the readme file.

For work we use Sonicwall Global VPN client which doesn’t have a linux client. The netextender uses some other protocol so it doesn’t work.

I have also tried some other IpSec client like strongswan, etc which uses a pre shared key and username/password but that didn’t work either.