How to move from pop os to another Linux distro

Hi guys, I’m a beginner and I am trying to switch from pop os to zorin can anyone tell me what steps to take? And also anytime I put my pc to sleep mode the airplane turns on automatically and won’t turn off how do I fix that

Not sure what you mean by airplane, but Im not a seasoned vet like others here.
You didn’t post anything about the setup you are using and the configurations you have. If you backup the home directory, that is where a lot of the files you would need are located, and install the new os then restore the files from a backup. But again I do not know what configs you have set up and again, I am not the seasoned vet here either. Probably a lot more graceful recommendations from them.

I agree with mainedan, we need a bit more information about the use-case and setup in order to help. There’s no one way to migrate from one distro to another, it all depends on where your files are, which apps you use, etc.

You can always rsync your home directory and export a list of installed packages, but that only gets you so far, and if you use that method without going further you’ll likely miss something important.

If you give us more info on your current setup and your goal, we might be able to help better.