How to Dual-Boot Windows & Ubuntu

I watched Jay’s video on duel booting:

I always have a problem with Windows 7,10 etc. on a duel boot setup on one hard drive. if I do not use Windows for a while it runs into a problem and will not boot. I understand that if I put Windows in a separate hard drive this will not happen. Has anyone ever tried this setup and did it work?

Thank You

I haven’t dual booted since win8 and ubuntu 13.10. Used 1 drive and it worked until windows updated and broke grub (AFAIR). Best to use 2 drives and use your bootloader to pick one disk or the other to boot from (usually F6, F9, F10 or F11 on your keyboard, depending on the PC). Or you can just make linux the main boot and grub will never break and will still point to the windows bootloader on the other drive.

Never had a problem with windows becoming unbootable if not used for long. Maybe your drive is getting corrupted?

Thank you, I’m going to add another drive and try your suggestions.