How to Choose a Linux Distribution for Web Development

Hello everyone.

I am new to Linux and am looking for suggestions on which operating system to use for web development
My primary concentration is on front-end programming using HTML; CSS; and JavaScript; but; I am also learning about backend technologies like Node.js and databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • As a beginner; I want a user friendly supply with strong community support.
  • I need a system that easily supports IDEs and other development tools.

I appreciate any tips on setting up the development.
Thank you in advance

Wow, that’s a huge learning curve you’ve set yourself.

I would suggest you choose a list of industry standard apps for your dev. environment and then choose a Linux distro that caters best to those needs. There are zillions out there, you may want to try a range before you settle.

As I said, there is a mountain of work ahead of you before you find the ideal setup.

Good luck.

P.S. I’m relatively new to Linux too and after trying 7-8 different distros I settled on Linux Mint because it was the most suited to my aged machines and personal use case, very basic.

Debian. Particularly for the databases. An arch-based distro might make more sense for the JS crap, but if you don’t care about latest and greatest (or if you manage them outside of the package manager, like through npm :face_vomiting: ) then you can do it on debian too.

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