How do you keep track of all the forums?

I am looking for way to keep track of multiple forums. What do you guys use? I am looking for a locally hosted option.

RSS feeds? Some might support atom?

I have freshrss up and running. It may be a good option. I just need to play with it more.

I used to use this, but I am looking for a self hosted option.

Maybe one of these options are interesting to you:

I’ve also been thinking about this… currently I just have a bunch of bookmarks, though the search bar allows me to search through them easily so they are easy to find, just not neatly presented.

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Firefox Bookmarks.

Right click on the tab and save it to Bookmarks Toolbar. From there, you can move it up or down the list as you see fit to group them all together and even use separators to help with that by right clicking on the list and use Add Separator. Edit the Name as appropriate.

Bookmarks don’t really do what I want. I want to see some content from several forums. How much, I don’t know yet.

I did find a big list of potential options though.

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  • Dashy - Feature-rich homepage for your homelab, with easy YAML configuration. (Demo) MIT Nodejs/Docker
  • Fenrus - A self hosted personal home page that allows for multiple users, guest access and multiple dashboards for each user. It also has “Smart Apps” which display live data for those apps. GPL-3.0 .NET/Docker
  • Heimdall - Heimdall is an elegant solution to organise all your web applications. (Source Code) MIT PHP
  • Hiccup - A beautiful static homepage to get to your links and services quickly. It has built-in search, editing, PWA support and localstorage caching to easily organize your start page. (Source Code) MIT Javascript/Docker
  • Homarr - Sleek, modern dashboard with many integrations and web-based config. (Demo, Source Code) MIT Docker/Nodejs
  • Homepage by gethomepage - A highly customizable homepage (or startpage / application dashboard) with Docker and service API integrations. GPL-3.0 Docker/Nodejs
  • Homepage by tomershvueli - Simple, standalone, self-hosted PHP page that is your window to your server and the web. MIT PHP
  • Homer - A dead simple static homepage to expose your server services, with an easy yaml configuration and connectivity check. Apache-2.0 Docker/K8S/Nodejs
  • Hubleys - Self-hosted personal dashboards to organize links for multiple users via a central yaml config. MIT Docker
  • Jump - Yet another self-hosted startpage for your server designed to be simple, stylish, fast and secure. MIT Docker/PHP
  • LinkStack - Link all your social media platforms easily accessible on one page, customizable through an intuitive, easy to use user/admin interface (alternative to Linktree and Manylink). (Demo, Source Code) AGPL-3.0 PHP/Docker
  • LittleLink - A simplistic approach for links in bio with 100+ branded buttons (alternative to Linktree). (Demo, Source Code) MIT Javascript
  • Mafl - Minimalistic flexible homepage. (Source Code) MIT Docker/Nodejs
  • Organizr - Organizr aims to be your one stop shop for your Servers Frontend. GPL-3.0 PHP/Docker
  • ryot - Platform for tracking various facets of your life - media, fitness, etc. (Demo) GPL-3.0 Docker
  • Starbase 80 - A simple homepage with an iPad-style application grid, for mobile and desktop. One JSON configuration file. MIT Docker
  • Web-Portal - A python web app designed to allow a easy way to manage the links to all of your web services. AGPL-3.0 Docker/Python
  • Your Spotify - Allows you to record your Spotify listening activity and have statistics about them served through a Web application. MIT Nodejs/Docker

I heard about feature in nextcloud which checks for new posts on given websites.

I think that’s just an RSS. It might be the one called “news.” I remember nextcloud being able to be your email client, as well as an rss reader.