How do you create a flatpaK?

i was told flatseals cant be used for gaming.

but, if you turn the game data into flatpaks then you can use the permissions of flatseals.

how do you create a flatpak? cause i am trying to install a game from a dvd. war of the ring.

im using arch linux.

im also trying to load the no dvd patch. that wont play. but, if you use a dvd. it play.

will flatpaks solve that issue?

i was also informed i can create JSON manifest file too? how do i do that in arch linux?

I’m guessing what you’re trying to achieve is using wine to play the game from the dvd. Not sure if flatpak is what you’re looking for. Look into lutris or steam proton. I don’t play games (other than doom II wads), so I can’t really help here.