How do I send mail within my homelab?

Several of the services I run in my homelab have the ability to send email. Usually, the emails are system status reports or warnings.

Currently, I can read these emails by SSHing into the machine, installing mailutils, and using mail to read the emails.

Is there a simple way to send all of these emails to a central location? I started using Gmail many years ago and have avoided all local mail servers like the plague for the last decade so I am not sure where to start looking.

Exim is probably the easiest to configure; but you’ll still have the issue of whether your ISP blocks port 25 (SMTP) if you want it to send out to your Gmail. You won’t have to worry about it though if you just keep it local and install imap. Then you can use Thunderbird or some other mail user agent (or even put up a HTTP one like SquirrelMail) to read it.


thanks, this gives me a few keywords to start searching.

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