Hook up ASUS router RT-AC1750 router as a repeater

I am trying to hook up a ASUS router RT-AC1750 as a repeater. I hooked it up to my laptop and followed all the instructions I found on youtube and the Internet.
I get to name and password and I use admin for both, and I get these don’t work. I tried admin and password for password, same thing. I have reset the router three times, same results.
I called the manufacture and they say they no longer support this product (it is 4 years old). They told me to go to their website and and start an account. I did that and found my router there and gave them the Serial No. They say that it does not exist even though it is on the bottom of the router and on the box it came in. Any ideas on what else I can do?

It seems to me that factory reset didn’t work. I have had several Asus routers over the years and if you hold the reset button for too long it skips the reset and then does a hard reboot instead. Longer than that I think you can force recovery mode. Either way, I doubt you’ve reset your router properly, otherwise admin as password and user should work. I would try the reset button again and let go after the lights blink once. Should only be 5 to 10 seconds. Holding the reset for too long is a mistake I’ve made several times.

Outside of that, you can use the Asus utility to flash a new firmware using the rescue mode. It’s a Windows utility, so you would need to run it from windows. If I recall correctly, and that’s far from a guarantee, flashing the firmware from rescue mode does wipe all the system memory and settings. So that should be a possible alternate route.

But I’ve always been able to factory reset an Asus router using the reset button. As long as I did it properly. I hope this helps.

Thank you, I was holding the reset button too long. This time I only needed the first light to blink and I was able to hook it up through a Ethernet port. I have to use the Ethernet port to connect to one computer at a time. Now I will have to see if I can make it wireless to connect all my computers.

Thank you