Hi, I need help installing wine and using lutris to install window dvd games

Hi, i switched over to linux mint 21 and away from windows and need help installing wine correctly.

it seems its missing wine gecko and wine mono and anytime i try to install lord of the rings war of the ring. it gives some errors like code 256.

how do i fully install wine correctly along with winetricks that uses a wine64prefix?

i know i start off with sudo apt update. what else do i need for my game to be fully loaded and playable on linux?

i have been able to get to the install setup. just whenever rit installs it doesn’t play.

i might be missing some steps.

as for age of mythology. i go through the usual setup through lutris. when clicking on the setup folder in lutris. it seems to be in another language.

any use?

In my opinion, using wine directly and customizing itself works very well but only if you put a lot of time into it and tweak it. Unfortunately, I think for most people it’s just too much work. That’s why I recommend using utilities that interface to wine on your behalf, customizing it for you as needed per game.

One tool that does this is PlayOnLinux, which is free:

There’s also CrossOver that does something similar but it’s a paid solution:

Please note that I’m not personally endorsing CrossOver, but merely letting you know that it exists. If they offer a free demo of their product it might be worth a shot! If nothing else, you can always remove the demo.

I will be making a gaming-related video in the future and I’ll have a more up to date look at the gaming situation in Linux later this year (if all goes to plan).


I’m not much of a gamer myself but one constant struggle I’ve seen with people new to Linux is this. I think this would make for a great video to share with people new to Linux and/or interested in gaming.

sweet, awesome. i look forward to it.

i used it a little bit of wine. seems alot of stuff to add, lol.

does playonlinux still has all the files it has that allows you to play games?