Hey hows it going Termux?

Im actually building a jay doscher laptop from a pi system currently. Uh its going well ordering the parts. I also been known on the termux group.io for Food for Thought.

Yeah its been going great. Im ordering parts slowly and i noted that Jay took down his facebook and moved to twitter.

Not such a bad deal. Im also a linux deploy fan but you know whatever.

That’s a pretty cool concept for a rugged system! :slight_smile: I think if you use a Pi4, you’d want to have more cooling, as they do get a bit warm. Maybe use a little bit wider case so a little blower type fan can go in once side and an intake grill in the other?

I dunno. I reckon. Im looking at the slackware sarpi and the google apps. Its all misplaced. They performed a union with nintendo and the handheld cartridge n64 is comming along on legacy from pawn america stock. I have a heatsink and then it actually does chainloading from the looks i stead of a flat file fs img iso install via bios bootloading.

Im looking forward as my screen, usb hub, keyboard and 32gb ds card sd come thru with 24 pack of ramen 5 bucks via amazon locker here in tucumcari. Then rooting my stylo4 as ive never rooted via linux and i already bought busy box pro as a supporter that also does linux deploy a russian named meefik whos popular at snipeX manufacturing moscow and ukraine against kosovo AK47 and co.

Theres jobs refurbishing the consoles into handhelds domesticly currently