Hello and Thanks

Just thought I would stop by and say thanks for the Proxmox Course. Was super helpful for me. I’m pretty green at the linux world, and Hypervisors. But I stumbled on the course and said to myself… This is a lot cooler than trying to run a bunch of things on several Raspberry PIs… Then, I started seeing the possibilities…

Of the below, the most challenging for me was setting up searxng… I couldn’t find any walkthroughs that made it easy for a noob to use with NGINX. It finally clicked last night (while I was laying in bed), and I got it running! Super simple and I was overcomplicating… I was getting to a point where I thought it would be good for you to do a vid on it, as searxng is super cool.

Anyway, thanks!!! Great stuff!

What I’ve done so far:

I purchased a used Dell Precision Tower 7910 with two Xeon CPU’s E5-2640 v4. 40 cores. Super cool. Added a 1TB NVME, 10G eth, 64G ram (now has 96), 4 x 4TB SAS drives…

Spun up:

Docker VM

  • Bitwarden (Vault Warden)
  • nginx proxy manager
  • portainer
  • searxng

TrueNAS Core VM (uses the 4 drives I added)


2 - Pihole Containers (1 Guest, and 1 Main network)

3CX VM (PBX Phone server)

  • fun project where I came across some brand new Polycom phones for cheap (4 phones). Now I have a business like phone setup (even works with soft phone with app on iPhone and Android).

Plex Server VM

Home Assistant VM

Win10 Pro VM (never use, but fun anyway)

Debian XFCE VM (for a little fun)

Ram was my limiting issue, Hardly use any CPU with most of the above running.


Welcome, @Panik ! :penguin:

It sounds like you’ve got things working pretty nicely. :smile_cat:

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Welcome to the forum!

You can run Proxmox on a Raspberry Pi… it’s called Pi-Mox. Although you would run LXC containers more than VMs, still, VMs can do. There is an Arch aarch64 iso now, and you could setup some generic rootfs and add bootloaders, but that’s a bit more advanced.

But of course, 2x 40 cores CPUs is a lot better than a bunch of Raspberry Pis. But the power bill…

It’s actually 2x 20 cores. 40 total.

I actually had Home Assistant, PiHole and 3CX running on Raspberry Pi’s. They did fine for that. Was looking to pickup a couple more, but the supply chain for them has been terrible, then I stumbled into this world. Am happy for it…

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I moved from an old Lynfield quad-core 8 thread xeon to SBCs (odroid n2+, hc4 and rockpro64). More power than I need.