Hardware controller for Asus laptop

I have a Asus gaming laptop and I want to format and use it with Linux (I’m new user) but there is some problem: The main one is Asus doesn’t Support Armoury Crate for Linux and without some kinda of controller (for fan speed, disabling nvidia gpu, keyboard light and…) it’s not a pleasant experience, the only thing that I found is asusctrl but it can’t control everything and only supports Fedora and G-Helper (Better than Armoury Crate it self) won’t Support Linux

Is there any suggestion?

PS: the best experience I had with couple of Distros that I tested was Pop_OS! because of the nvidia driver


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I don’t have a good answer for you on this but I use an Asus g14 with Ubuntu and Parrot. I don’t game very much.(minecraft) Id be very interested in learning more about this subject also. I’m currently nvidia 535 driver using bumblee/cuda with the 3060mobile, got my displays working atleast, Im still having issues with it on other programs. Ubuntu was easy to setup thru the GUI software addtional drivers tab but some programs still don’t use gpu. Plus the igpu switch idk

try nobara linux. my asus rog zephyrus worked out of the box.there is afedorq packacke for the armoury crate stuff

I’ve try Nobara but doesn’t even boot on my laptop because of some error about nvidia!
i like to give it another go, i’m waiting for ver 39 to drop

It’s funny that there is countless linux distros and alot of them have almost the same issues! no wonder linux it’s not successful on desktop.

Your frustration should directed towards asus. They are using proprietary hardware with no linux support. They have nice contracts with windows to keep you locked in. If you want max performance from a machine with linux, start with supported hardware. Money talks, and your money said I don’t care about linux support.