Hardcopy from alternative supplier?

I’d like to buy a hardcopy of this book, but not from union-busting Amazon. Is there another way?

Doesn’t Barnes and Noble have it?

Yep, thanks. And AdLibris.com as well, which is closer to where I live.

Packt may have it who are the actual publishing house, though I note that they have an Amazon logo against the print version. (They may also be able to tell you who else you can buy from.) I know you can get the eBook via Google currently at a better price than Amazon, that is below Packt’s eBook price, well you can here in the UK, so the same may be possible for the actual book elsewhere. When I used to buy from Packt they used to print locally and send to you. So though published in the USA it would be printed here in the UK as a small run. I think even if you buy via Amazon they act as an intermediary and it actually comes from Packt. I know that was the case for a book I wanted about a year or so back.

Incidentally we don’t appear to have the same issues with Amazon here in the UK though the UK laws are all over them. The biggest issue with Amazon is not paying what are considered their fair UK taxes while at the same time decimating other companies. The side affect of this is that it is also likely to affect taxes paid in the USA. There’s a worldwide discussion between governments to handle these sort of things.

I agree with the previous comments, and you can get the hardcopy without purchasing through Amazon. Unless something has changed, you should be able to buy from Packt directly.

I don’t know if they still have deals like this, but one trick is you can buy the e-book version when they have a $5 sale again, and once you own the e-book, you can upgrade to the print version which usually works out cheaper than buying the print version alone. Double-check that you’re still able to do this though, I’m not sure if they’ve changed this.